Daimler Financial Figures 2018. EBIT and Dividend on High Level

Daimler once again achieved record unit sales and revenue in 2018, and the Group’s EBIT also reached a high level of €11.1 billion despite difficult economic conditions.

Overview Group

167,362 m


previous year 164,154 m €

7,470 m

Investment in property, plant and equipment

previous year 6,701 m €

9,107 m

R & D expenditure

热99re久久精品previous year 8,711 m €

2,898 m

热99re久久精品Free cash flow of the industrial business

previous year 2,005 m €

11,132 m


previous year 14,348 m €

3,658 m

Value Added

previous year 7,004 m €

7,582 m

Net profit

previous year 10,617 m €


Earnings per share

previous year 9.61 €

3,477 m

Total dividend

previous year 3,905 m €


热99re久久精品Dividend per share

热99re久久精品previous year 3.65 €


Employees 31 Dec, 2018

previous year 289,321

To the divisions' key figures

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